Welcome to the College and Career Ready (CCR) IEP Discussion Tool

The CCR IEP Discussion Tool was developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to assist IEP teams with the development of a College and Career Ready IEP. The tool uses a series of guiding questions to help identify a student’s present levels of academic and functional performance and develop annual IEP goals and special education services to address the student’s disability-related needs.

  • This discussion tool is for parents, students and educators.
  • In preparation for an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meeting where the IEP Linking Form (I-4) will be developed.
  • During an IEP team meeting to focus on topics that require further reflection and discussion.
  • Training of educators, parents/families, and students in the 5 Beliefs and 5 Step Process of IEP development.
  • Students with disabilities are not achieving at the same levels as their non-disabled peers.
  • A focus on compliance has not significantly helped to improve outcomes and reduce the gap in achievement (Learn more about Results Driven Accountability and Reading Drives Achievement.).
  • Promotes improved educational and functional outcomes of students with disabilities, particularly literacy outcomes.
  • Helps to ensure IEPs are based on the individual needs of the student and are compliant with state and federal special education requirements.
  • A series of guiding questions to encourage discussion, deep thinking and reflection.
  • Multiple pathways to explore the guiding questions based on the user's learning needs and preferences.
  • Technical assistance modules to promote understanding of new or complex concepts.
  • Questions to ensure linkages between a student’s disability-related needs, goals and services.
  • A clipboard feature that allows users to capture and download their thoughts/discussion.
  • Through an interactive process, users consider and answer questions to develop a well thought-out and comprehensive response to the prompts found on the IEP Linking Form.
  • Users may select from various pathways to explore and develop the IEP.
  • Users provide their email address as a secure login so they can return to the tool after exiting and continue working on their responses.
  • This discussion tool is intended to supplement, not replace, existing special education management systems in local educational agencies.
  • Responses to the guiding questions are not monitored by the Department of Public Instruction. The tool is solely intended to serve as a resource for stakeholders. Responses are saved in the tool for 60 days from the user’s last modification.