The Wisconsin Personnel Development Model

Wisconsin Personnel Development Model (WPDM)

The Wisconsin Personnel Development Model (WPDM) is a part of the broader Wisconsin Personnel Development System and provides guidance for local districts to use when designing, implementing, and evaluating a system wide professional development plan as well as individual teacher professional development plans. The WPDM provides a process that focuses on improving student learning and engages all teachers in collective professional development. The model is cyclical and organized into the following three areas (See Figure 1):

The seven steps of professional development include:

The training components that influence the design of professional development:

  • Theory
  • Demonstration
  • Practice
  • Feedback
  • In-situation coaching

Data-driven school improvement process that incorporates:

  • Needs identification and prioritization
  • Action plans consisting of strategies and indicators of progress
  • Implementation
  • Data collection and analysis

The WPDM is a recommended structure intended to provide guidance to districts, schools and individuals as they structure professional development programs targeted at the learning needs of their students. Because the elements of the model are common to improvement efforts that consistently produce student achievement gains, it is recommended that districts and schools structure their professional development programs using the process presented in this document.