WDPM Step 7, Program Evaluation (Summative)

Wisconsin Personnel Development Model (WPDM)

Program Evaluation is directly related to formative assessment. Formative assessment acts as an early version of the final summative assessment and links to step 1 collecting and analyzing student data.

  • What data will be collected (e.g., pre/post tests, etc.) to determine if the planned change is having the intended effect?
  • How will data be disaggregated, shared and discussed?
  • Does the evaluation inform us of the level of transfer of training for our teachers? If not do we need to revisit the training components?
  • How will program evaluation data be used to plan the next cycle of school improvement/professional development?
  • Does the program evaluation plan allow you to examine the cost effectiveness of your professional development program?

Tools and Templates

Template for Step 7
Tools and Resources for Step 7

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