WDPM Step 5, Collaboration/Implementation

Wisconsin Personnel Development Model (WPDM)

Collaboration/Implementation is directly related to collection/data analysis, goal setting, selecting content, and developing action plans/training.

  • Does the LEA have a clear vision of what students will experience differently as a result of the school improvement/professional development plan?
  • Does the school’s plan provide teachers time for collaboration as they work to implement the planned change?
  • Is adequate time provided for small groups of teachers to plan and develop lessons, to share their experiences and insights from early trials, to problem-solve difficulties with the implementation, etc.?
  • How will you know when implementation of the planned change has occurred?
  • How will the district address schools and classes where implementation is lagging?
  • What are some challenges to implementing the collaboration/implementation step?

Tools and Templates

Template for Step 5
Tools and Resources for Step 5

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