WDPM Step 2, Goal Setting for Student and Adult Learning

Wisconsin Personnel Development Model (WPDM)

Goal setting is directly related to your data findings and analysis.

  • What did the data tell you regarding the needs of students?
  • Is there a single focus or has the school listed multiple subjects/areas they intend to address during the current professional development cycle?
  • Do you need more information or clarification before you write the goal?
  • Is the focus of school improvement in the area of curriculum and instruction? If no, how would you characterize the focus (e.g., 21st Century skills, improved climate, school/community relations, etc.)?
  • How will we know if we are reaching our district/school goals?
  • How will we know if our students are reaching the goals?

Tools and Templates

Template for Step 2
Tools and Resources for Step 2

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