WI State Performance Plan (SPP), Indicator #8: Parent Involvement Survey Resource Web Page

Indicator 8: Percent of parents with a child receiving special education services who report that schools facilitated parent involvement as a means of improving services and results for children with disabilities. For more detailed information regarding this indicator, please review Indicator #8 of the State Performance Plan.

Indicator 8 Parent Involvement Survey Timeline


Directions for Data Collection

Your LEA received an e-mail in February from the Department if you are among the LEAs that are required to conduct the Parent Involvement survey for Indicator 8 this year. The e-mail instructs you to enter the Special Education Portal using the access login ID and password assigned to the director of special education role to locate the Indicator 8 downloadable spreadsheet. The file contains a random sample of student names and codes that are necessary to complete a mailing to parents of students with disabilities, requesting their participation in the survey. If you have questions about the e-mail, the file, or your participation in the process, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Parent Survey Letters

  • Parent Survey form letters provide information to parents about the parent survey, how the survey helps the district and Wisconsin schools, and resources to assist parents with completion of the survey.
  • Form letter in English that is formatted to merge with the downloaded spreadsheet.
    • Survey codes can only be used one time. If a second parent requests to take the survey separately from the primary parent, this sample letter can be used to merge the second student code to the letter to the second parent which will provide access to the survey.
  • Electronic form letters in Spanish and Hmong that are formatted to merge with the downloaded spreadsheet.

How to Generate a Mailing to Parents

  1. Download the Indicator 8 downloadable spreadsheet from the Special Education Web Portal. The spreadsheet contains some of the data needed to merge with the electronic form letter to parents:
    • List of student names in the random sample that you will use
    • LEA Name
    • Username for parents to enter on the survey
    • Passwords for parents to enter on the survey
    • Name of director of special education/pupil services
    • WSPEI Parent Coordinator Contact Information
  2. Fill in the remainder of the spreadsheet with
    • the date of the mailing
    • a parent name and address for each student listed
    • the telephone numbers that you wish to provide parents for assistance (you are not required to use all categories)
    • the title of the person who will sign the letter (you may change the name if you wish).
  3. If any families of students on the list have a native language other than English, cut and paste those rows into separate Spanish and Hmong spreadsheets. Other languages must be dealt with individually.
  4. Merge the English letter with the spreadsheet of English-speaking families. For directions on how to mail merge, open the Microsoft Word Help on the main menu bar and type in "mail merge". Edit the recipient list by ensuring that only the rows that contain a student name are checked. Print the letters on your school letterhead. It is possible to have more than one survey completed by a family if they have more than one child in the selected sample.
  5. Repeat the process for any Spanish or Hmong letters.
  6. Send the mailing on or near Feburary 1st.

How to Send Paper Surveys

  1. If a parent requests a paper survey or the LEA chooses to send paper surveys, you must determine if the child identified in the sample was at least six years of age or older on September 1 of the current school year.
  2. Important: Fill in the Username box with the Username code and the Password box with the password code from the spreadsheet. LEAs that did not fill in this information before sending paper surveys lost significant amounts of data in past years because responses could not be linked back to the correct LEA.
  3. Record that you sent that parent a paper survey. This is an added safeguard against losing data.
  4. Include a return envelope addressed to:

    Institute on Community Integration
    150 Pillsbury Dr., SE
    Room 5 Pattee Hall
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

To protect parent survey confidentiality, parents must be given the option to directly mail paper surveys to North Central Regional Center and provided the contact information above.

Requests for Telephone or In-Person Assistance

If school staff, WSPEI Parent Coordinators, FACETS staff, or other District Parent Liaisons assist a parent by reading or explaining the survey questions, please use the simplified script that you will find under Parent Survey Resources. This was created to promote uniformity among LEAs and parent organization staff who assist parents. It is permissible to have parents come in as a group for assistance in hearing the survey items, but discussion of responses should be discouraged.

To complete a survey online for a parent, please enter the survey at http://sped.dpi.wi.gov/sped_parentsurvey.

Parent Survey Resources