WI State Performance Plan (SPP), Indicator #12

Annual Monitoring

Transition from Part C to Part B

Indicator 12: Percent of children referred by Part C prior to age 3, who are found eligible for Part B, and who have an IEP developed and implemented by their third birthdays. For current information regarding this indicator please review the APR.

Data - District Profiles

Webinar: Part C to Part B Transition Timeline & Program Participation System (PPS), December 8, 2010
PowerPoint Presentation - Recorded Presentation (WMP)

Webinar: PPS-Security Coordinator Training, July 2011
Recorded Presentation (WMV) - PowerPoint Presentation - Speaker Notes


Indicator 12 Data Collection System: Program Participation System (PPS)

The Department of Public Instruction and the Department of Health Services have worked collaboratively to develop an electronic referral and reporting system to ensure children participating in county Birth to 3 programs (Part C) experience a smooth and effective transition to early childhood programs (Part B). County Birth to 3 programs use the Program Participation System (PPS) to refer children in county Birth to 3 programs to the local educational agency (LEA) for special education. LEAs receive these referrals electronically and submit data for Indicator 12 through the PPS.

Web Access Management System (WAMS) - How to get a WAMS ID
Use this site to create a WAMS User ID. This is needed to access WISA and/or PPS. This is a one-time activity.
WISAWisconsin Integrated Security Application (WISA) Production
Authorized Users Only

The Director of Special Education or designee, acting as the LEA's Security Coordinator for PPS, establishes who is authorized to use the PPS Production site. To access WISA, a WAMS user ID and password is required.
PPS LogoProgram Participation System (PPS)
Production - Early Childhood Transition

Authorized users may search this site for students referred from county Birth to 3 programs and enter data on early childhood transition. This is the data specifically needed for Indicator 12.


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