SPP: Public Agency Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment

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Validating the Self-Assessments

Annually, the WDPI selects public agencies to validate the accuracy of their procedural compliance self-assessments. The WDPI uses a number of factors to determine which public agency self-assessments to validate, including the number of requirements found in noncompliance, whether the public agency has established an ad hoc self-assessment committee that includes parents, and timeliness of reporting. Any public agency advanced on the monitoring schedule because of concerns identified by the WDPI special education team is included in validation activities. Also WDPI randomly selects for validation the self-assessments of some public agencies. WDPI may collect additional data onsite if warranted.

When conducting the validation, WDPI staff:

  • test the accuracy of data obtained from public agency record reviews, interviews, and other documents
  • examine student records from each self-assessment sample
  • determine whether the public agency staff accurately determined compliance

If the WDPI determines some requirements are not accurately assessed, the public agency staff is instructed in the proper assessment of the requirements and required to demonstrate correct assessment of the requirement. The public agency then reassesses all records in the samples for the requirements found not accurately assessed. After completing the reassessment, the public agency files a revised self-assessment report with the WDPI. The revised self-assessment results for an independent charter school are reported by WDPI to the charter school’s authorizing entity. A revised corrective action plan is reported to the WDPI with the reassessment results, if the results of the reassessment warrant revision of the plan. The reassessment report and the revised corrective action plan are reviewed by WDPI staff.

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