SPP: Public Agency Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment

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Recommended Step-by-Step Reporting Instructions

Preparing for the electronic reporting system, Steps 1-4

REMINDER: You must prepare, lock and submit your Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment results no later than November 15.

Step 1: Review the instructions for the report.

We recommend reviewing these step-by-step reporting instructions and/or viewing the training webcast before proceeding.

Step 2: Gather your data.

You will need all of your recording forms (for example, the LEA Self-Assessment of Procedural Compliance Evaluation Recording Form), including the No Sample Recording Form. You will not need individual student record files or your record review checklists for individual students.

Step 3: Work with your self-assessment ad hoc committee to develop corrective actions.

DPI strongly recommends self-assessment results and proposed corrective actions be reviewed with the agency's ad hoc self-assessment committee prior to submitting a corrective action plan (CAP) to DPI. So, at this point in the process, it is appropriate to convene a meeting to review the results and proposed CAP activities with your committee.

Step 4: Input data into the electronic recording forms and save to your computer.

If you haven’t already, transcribe the information from your each of your recording forms (Evaluation, IEP Discipline, and N-3 data collection) into excel spreadsheets available at http://sped.dpi.wi.gov/sped_spp-sa-conduct. Save these Excel files with the information specific to your LEA on your computer. To avoid inaccurate data submission, please double check that the student’s names, “Y’s,” “N’s,” and “NA’s” are accurate for each sample.

Steps 5-9: Inputting Data Into the Electronic Reporting System
Steps 10-13: Developing a Corrective Action Plan and Inputting the CAP into the Electronic Reporting System

If you have questions about the self-assessment process that are not answered in this section or on the Self-Assessment Questions and Answers page, please submit your question by email.

For questions about this information, contact Paul Sherman (608) 267-9157