SPP: Public Agency Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment

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Reporting and Reviewing Self-Assessment Results

The online reporting system, through the Special Education Portal, allows you to enter data and corrective actions into the system and save the results. When activated, all public agencies will be able to enter the agency's self-assessment results and corrective action plan and revise until the system is locked in November.

Special Education Web Portal




This sample report form CANNOT be used to submit your report. This is a PDF version of the report, which you may download or print out. In preparation for entering data into the electronic reporting system, you may want to transfer data from your recording forms onto a hard copy of this report and then transcribe the data into the electronic reporting system. This report form does not include the corrective actions required for student-level noncompliance or recommended for agency-wide noncompliance. For a complete list of required and recommended corrective actions for each procedural requirement, go to Implementing Corrective Action Plans.

If you have questions about the self-assessment process that are not answered in this section or on the Self-Assessment Questions and Answers page, please submit your question by email.


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