SPP: Public Agency Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment

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Preparing for the Self-Assessment

In the spring of each year, public agencies are notified they are required to participate in the procedural compliance self-assessment during the next school year. The WDPI strongly recommends a public agency establish a procedural compliance self-assessment ad hoc committee composed of parents and school staff. The ad hoc committee may be appointed by any public agency personnel or public agency body with authority to do so. Action by the school board or other governing body is not required by WDPI. Parent members of the ad hoc committee may be selected from existing advisory groups. A parent who is the school-parent liaison may be appointed as a parent member on the ad hoc committee. Prior to conducting the self-assessment, the ad hoc committee should plan how the self-assessment will be conducted. WDPI recommends a team of public agency staff conduct the self-assessment. The team may include agency staff from the committee. Parents do not participate in reviewing student records and other confidential student information. It is recommended public agency staff review the WDPI training materials located on the self-assessment website prior to conducting the procedural compliance self-assessment (http://sped.dpi.wi.gov/sped_spp-selfassmt). The training covers developing samples, understanding directions and standards for assessing each requirement, developing a corrective action plan to address noncompliance, and reporting self-assessment results and corrective actions to WDPI.


Due dates and related activities for LEAs conducting self-assessment



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