WI State Performance Plan (SPP), Indicator #14

Cyclical Monitoring

Post High School Outcomes

Indicator 14 helps us describe the further education and competitive employment experiences of youth with disabilities as they transition from high school to adult life. Indicator 14 of the State Performance Plan (SPP) requires states report an unduplicated count of the:

“Percent of youth who are no longer in secondary school, had IEPs in effect at the time they left school, and were:

A. Enrolled in higher education within one year of leaving high school.
B. Enrolled in higher education or competitively employed within one year of leaving high school.
C. Enrolled in higher education or in some other postsecondary education or training; or competitively employed or in some other employment within one year of leaving high school”

20 USC 1416(a)(3)(B)

Indicator 14 is an unduplicated, hierarchical count of the activities in which youth are engaged one year after exiting their postsecondary education placement. Data for this indicator will be collected through the Post School Outcomes Survey.

  • Higher education:  4 year college or university, 2-year college or community college, or a technical college (2 year degree) program.
  • Other postsecondary education:  High school completion degree, vocational school, apprenticeship or short-term training program, on-the-job training program, Job Corps, adult education, vocational/technical school (less than a two year program), Vista, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, compensatory education, other programs.
  • Competitive employment:  90 days of cumulative or consecutive work and minimum wage or greater and an average of 20 hours per week or more in a setting with others who are non-disabled; includes military, supported employment, self-employment or a family business if criteria of competitive employment are met.
  • Other employment:  Work for pay or self-employment for a period of at least 90 days at any time in the year since leaving high school; includes sheltered employment, volunteer, self-employment, work out of one’s home, farming, others if competitive employment criteria are not fully met.

For current information regarding this indicator please review the APR.

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Training and Technical Assistance

  • The Statewide Post School Outcomes Survey (WiPSO) website: www.wipso.org.
  • Directions to Director of Special Education/Pupil Services for Indicator #14 Data Collection and Reporting are posted on the Wisconsin Post School Outcomes website under "Recent Communications": www.wipso.org.
  • Overview of the 3-Year process for data collection and reporting requirements of Indicator 14 are posted on the Wisconsin Post School Outcomes website under "Timelines": www.wipso.org.
  • Indicator #14 Post School Outcomes "At-A-Glance" Report and other Wisconsin Statewide Post School Outcomes Reports: http://www.wipso.org/reports.statewide.php.

For questions regarding the Post School Outcomes Survey, contact Mary Kampa, Project Coordinator, 715-416-0609.



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