State Special Education Funding

Special Education Categorical Aids

Program Description: Special education is funded by a combination of state, local, and federal monies. Special education state categorical aids assist with the costs of providing special education and related services. This includes reimbursement for teachers and teacher aides, physical and occupational therapists, speech/language therapists, special education directors, school psychologists, social workers, school nurses, school counselors, and special transportation. Staff must hold appropriate licensure in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

Who Receives Assistance: School districts, cooperative educational service agencies, county children with disabilities education boards, and 2r charter schools who operate programs for children with disabilities are reimbursed for special education costs in the year after costs are incurred.

Amount of Funds Available: Funds are appropriated through the state budget process. For costs in 2009-2010, with aid paid in 2010-2011, it is estimated that $368,939,100 will be available for distribution. Recipient agencies must complete the Special Education Fiscal Report program, PI-1505-SE.

For more information about categorical aids, visit: The school finance section of the website.

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