Significant Developmental Delay (SDD)

Identification of Children with Significant Developmental Delays (SDD)

Public hearings to consider changes in the eligibility criteria for SDD have been conducted during September and October of 2007. Comments are being summarized. Until statutory changes are made, the current rule and guidance remains in effect.

Proposed Criteria for the Identification of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities and Significant Developmental Delays:
Proposed Rule - Fiscal Note - Hearing Notice (7/12/07)

Executive Summary of Feasibility Study, September 2005

When a five-year-old child, identified as having a significant developmental delay (SDD), turns six during the school year, an IEP team does not have convene to determine if the child is still eligible for special education if...

  • the child turns 6 years of age after September 1 and
  • the child is not yet due for re-evaluation.

Prior to the following school year, the IEP team must convene to determine whether the child is eligible for special education services.


NOTE: The SDD eligibility checklist was developed in 1998 and provides guidance for the current regulations. Word Fillable Version -
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Eligibility Policies and Practices for Young Children Under Part B of IDEA, NECTAC