Equitable Services Requirement: Special Education for Parentally Placed Private School Students

Equitable Services Set-Aside - Fiscal Requirements

"How to Determine the Equitable Services Set-Aside Calculation"
This technical assistance document provides an overview of the IDEA regulations on equitable services. Examples are provided on how the calculation must be done and how the funds must be spent. The document also reviews the circumstances in which an LEA may set-aside funds but not be required to spend the entire amount.

"IDEA's Equitable Services Calculation - An Overview"
This interactive module provides an overview of the IDEA equitable services calculation with information on how the funds must be spent, on who, and in what time frame.

Every year, LEAs must determine whether or not an equitable services amount needs to be set-aside from their IDEA Part B allocation. The following Excel spreadsheet calculators are designed to help LEAs establish accurate amounts. The LEA needs to provide the student count and the calculators do the rest:  

A short list of frequently asked questions regarding the equitable services requirement, such as the LEA's responsibility for child find at private schools, have been gathered together in this document.

Equitable Services Set-Aside - Program Requirements

Equitable Services Set-Aside - Data Requirements

Parentally Placed Private School Data Collection (submitted through the Special Education Web Portal)

Parentally Placed Private School Student Covered by a Service Plan - Data Collection and Reporting


Private Schools and ARRA Notification
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) appropriated significant new funding for programs under IDEA, Part B. The purpose of this communication was to notify LEAs of the requirement relating to IDEA ARRA funds and services for parentally-placed private school students. Specifically, that LEAs were required to consult with private school representatives and representatives of parents of parentally-placed private school students with disabilities about the use of the additional IDEA ARRA funds.