Post High School Outcomes Survey

This IDEA discretionary grant collects post high school outcomes data on students with disabilities who successfully exit high school or age out at 21 through the use of a survey which includes questions about independent living, post secondary education, and employment.

To date, no parallel data has been collected for exiting students without disabilities. Therefore, no comparative data are available for non-disabled peers in the areas of independent living, post secondary education and employment.

Wisconsin currently does not collect data about post high school outcomes for students without disabilities. Year 5 of the survey identified and showed from districts' data where gaps between outcomes for individuals with disabilities and their non-disabled peers exist.

Year 1, Statewide Study:Executive Summary  Final Report
Year 2, LEA Mini-Grant Year: Executive SummaryFinal Report
Year 3, Statewide Study: Executive SummaryFinal Report
Year 4, LEA Mini-Grant Year: Executive Summary
Year 5, Statewide Study: Executive Summary
2007Statewide Study: Summary Report for 2005-06 Exiters
2008Statewide Study: Summary Report for 2006-07 Exiters, Indicator 14 Year 2
2009Statewide Study: Summary Report for 2007-08 Exiters, Indicator 14 Year 3

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