Pupil Nondiscrimination Self-Evaluation

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School District Self-Evaluation of the Status of Pupil Nondiscrimination and Equality of Educational Opportunities

PI 9.06, Wis. Admin. Code, requires that every school district evaluate and prepare a written report on the status of nondiscrimination and equality of educational opportunity in the school district - the School District Self-Evaluation of the Status of Pupil Nondiscrimination and Equality of Educational Opportunities - at least once every five years on a schedule determined by the state superintendent. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) uses data from the evaluation reports to comply with reporting requirements under § 118.13(3)(a)(3), Wis. Stats.

Future of evaluations and evaluation reports:

Since the 1986 implementation of PI 9, Wis. Admin. Code, state and federal law have required the development of our current results-based accountability system collected by individual student identification (the Wisconsin School Performance Report (SPR) was created in 1991 with the passage of § 118.35, Wis. Stats.; the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 added data requirements that led to the development of the Individual Student Enrollment System, implemented SY 2004-2005). In addition, DPI and the U.S. Department of Education require districts to submit school- and district-level data on a variety of measures.

All but three of the required data elements under PI 9.06, Wis. Admin. Code, are collected via reports required since the passage of PI 9, Wis. Admin. Code. Because districts can and do meet most of the data requirements through other submitted reports, DPI has significantly revised the instructions and reporting requirements regarding the self-evaluation.

Districts will continue to submit annually the Compliance Report - Pupil Nondiscrimination and Educational Equity Report (form PI 1197-B), which identifies the designated employee of the school district to receive complaints regarding discrimination under § 118.13, Wis. Stats., and PI 9, Wis. Admin. Code, and the number of complaints received during the year, a description of each complaint and its status (PI 9.07(2), Wis. Admin. Code).

Beginning in 2006, and every five years thereafter, DPI will require districts to conduct a self-evaluation regarding three data elements:

  • methods, practices, curriculum, and materials used in ... counseling...." (PI 9.06(1)(c), Wis. Admin. Code),
  • "[t]rends and patterns in awarding scholarships and other forms of recognition and achievement provided or administered by the school district" (PI 9.06(1)(f), Wis. Admin. Code), and
  • "[p]articipation trends and patterns and school district support of athletic, extracurricular and recreational activities" (PI 9.06(1)(e), Wis. Admin. Code).