Pupil Nondiscrimination Self-Evaluation Resources

Methods Used in Conducting an Evaluation

PI 9.06(1)(e) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code requires that residents, students, teachers, administrators, and parents are all given an opportunity to participate in the self-evaluation. Active and meaningful participation of each of these groups is essential to achieving a comprehensive and informative evaluation.

Thus, this section asks the district to assess how this opportunity was provided, and whether participation was inclusive and broad-based. The district should also consider whether the participants reflect the diversity within the school and the community. As a reminder, parents, students and residents should be included in a way that would not require release of confidential student information.

By responding to this section, school districts will have an opportunity to:

  • Evaluate whether the self-evaluation was comprehensive and whether there was inclusive and broad-based participation.
  • Develop and build partnerships and networks that will help strengthen and support the district's equity goals and help ensure a school environment that will promote safety and respect for all students.
  • Identify, develop, and rely upon resources that will assist in achieving the district's equity goals.


  1. What were the methods used in conducting the self-evaluation?
  2. How did teachers, students, parents, school administrators, and residents participate in the self-evaluation process? What contributions did each group provide?
  3. Did the participants in the evaluation reflect the diversity within the school and community?
  4. How were people notified of the opportunity to participate in the self-evaluation process? Was it publicized in other languages in addition to English?
  5. How will staff and others learn about the evaluation findings?
  6. Where will the materials be available for review by residents of the district?
  7. Will the designated employee have the official district copy of the evaluation?


Prepare a written summary that describes the methods used to conduct the evaluation, who participated in the process and what contributions the participants provided. Include this summary in your report.