Pupil Nondiscrimination Self-Evaluation Resources


This section asks the district to examine the method, practices, curriculum and materials used in counseling to determine whether all students are being included in the learning process. The district should evaluate whether there are forms of bias or stereotyping present in ability grouping and tracking and counseling strategies.

This section generally asks the district to determine the extent to which it provides a supportive school environment for all students to ensure that all students, regardless of background and prior achievement, have an opportunity to succeed. In doing so, the district should consider all of the protected groups listed under sec. 118.13, of the Wisconsin Statutes.

By evaluating this area, school districts will have an opportunity to:

  • Ensure that the goals of equity and excellence for all students are demonstrated through counseling practices in the district.
  • Determine whether and how current methods, practices, and materials influence student achievement.
  • Identify and develop ways to ensure that every student is provided with an optimal learning environment that leads to proficient and advanced performance for all students.



  1. What are the district's policies and practices regarding multiple perspectives in and through counseling?
  2. The following questions pertain to the type of training counselors have received.
    • How have they been trained to recognize bias or stereotypes?
    • How have they been trained to recognize and present multiple perspectives in and through counseling?
    • How often has the above training occurred? Was the training optional or required?
    • How effective was the training in improving counseling?


  1. How does the district ensure that bias and stereotyping are absent from counseling materials and techniques?
  2. Does the district provide culturally and linguistically accessible support services to students and families?
  3. Does academic planning and support services assist students in closing the achievement gap? How are counseling or student services aligned with mainstream curriculum, instruction and assessment?


  1. What are your recommendations for improvement? How will these recommendations be implemented?


Prepare a summary of the status of pupil nondiscrimination and equality of educational opportunity with regard to the methods, practices, curriculum, and materials used in counseling. Include in the summary your findings, analysis, supporting information, and recommendations for improvement. Also include information on how your recommendations might be implemented. Include this summary as part of your report.