Assurances for IDEA Entitlement Funds

Each LEA must ensure that all programs for children with disabilities will be operated in compliance with all applicable state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations. The chief officer of the sub-recipient provides an assurance to DPI of compliance with state and federal special education requirements. These assurances must be filed with the DPI as part of the LEA’s IDEA grant application before a district may encumber and expend federal monies.

Assurances for the fiscal year 2015-16 IDEA entitlement funds must be signed electronically by an individual authorized by the LEA to accept IDEA funds on the LEA's behalf. A role, “District Authorizer” exists within the Special Education web portal and has been assigned to the District Administrator on record.

The majority of District Administrators have user names and passwords to log into the assurance section of the Special Education web portal. If there has been no personnel change at the LEA since the FY 2014-15 IDEA assurances were signed, the user name and password created by the district authorizer remains the same for FY 2015-16. If the district authorizer has forgotten the log in or password to access the assurances, please submit a reminder request at

If the district administrator has changed since the FY 2014-15 IDEA assurances were signed, please send a request to Marge Schenk ( A new user name and password identity will be created and sent to the district administrator.

To electronically sign and submit IDEA assurances for FY 2015-16, go to the Special Education web portal at  Once the log in and password have been entered, the District Authorizer  will land on the “Documents Requiring Authorization” page. There will be one document listed – the 2016 IDEA Entitlement Assurance. Click on the hyperlinked word “Sign” under the “Action” column. Follow the instructions, reviewing each section that must be signed and then submit (the approve button is at the very bottom of each screen, a user may need to scroll down the page to see it). A pdf version of the electronically signed assurances will be available both through the Documents Requiring Authorization page and also the IDEA Budget Main Menu, which is accessible to any user assigned by the Director of Special Education. 

Screencast tutorial for electronically signing and submitting IDEA entitlement assurances: Screencast

PDF view of LEA Assurances and Certifications, (Rev. 4/15):  PI-3201 Assurances

PDF view of 2r Charter School Assurances and Certifications, (Rev. 4/15): PI-3201-2r Assurances

Request for a regenerated District Authorizer Password: Password Request Form


  • General Education Provisions Act Assurances and Certification, PI-1091 (Rev. 5/11)
    Submission of form PI-1091 was required as part of the application for fiscal year 2011-12. Once submitted, a new submission is NOT required annually. The assurances remain in effect for the duration of the IDEA program. A new submission will only be required when there are changes in the law or when there is another significant change in the circumstances affecting an assurance.