Special Education / Pupil Services Leadership

Licensing requirements:

  • Director of Special Education and Pupil Services. (a) Except as specified under par. (b), a director of special education and pupil services license is required of a person to administer a special education program or a pupil services program, or both. For a license under this subsection, the applicant shall have completed an approved program leading to licensure as a director of special education and pupil services. (b) Persons who hold a current special education supervisor-level A license may be issued a license under this subsection. PI 34.32 (5), Wisconsin Administrative Code.

The special education leadership staff person who holds a current 80 or 81 license is the primary contact for the DPI Special Education Team. When an LEA does not employ an individual with an 80 or 81 license, the responsible staff person is the district administrator.

The department provides additional support to special education leadership personnel through the WI Regional Service Network (RSN) - an alliance of CESA special educators who promote continuous school improvement to support full educational opportunities for children and youth with disabilities.

Special Education Leadership Directory

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2013 Academy for New Special Education Leadership


Tuesday and Wednesday, August 6-7, 2013
Crowne Plaza Madison
4402 East Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 244-4703


To support you as you strive to meet the challenges of your new position, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WDPI) Special Education Team and the Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services (WCASS) will host a two day Academy for New Special Education Leadership on August 6-7, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Madison located at 4402 East Washington Ave, Madison.  This training opportunity is for Directors of Special Education, Special Education Coordinators or Designees who are in their 1st or 2nd year in that position.

The sessions will address a variety of legal and procedural topics presented by WDPI staff and WCASS members.  

You will receive a flash drive loaded with handouts.  We recommend you bring a laptop so you can view the handouts and take notes.

The registration fee is $80 for both days and includes breakfast, lunch and daily breaks, and the flashdrive.


REGISTRATION and other information is located on the WCASS webpage: https://m360.wcass.org/event.aspx?eventID=82906&instance=0.

If you have questions, call the WCASS office at (608) 245-2511.