Special Education Training and Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Elements of the Integrated Monitoring System

DPI’s integrated monitoring system is sustained at its core by various proactive elements. DPI provides training and technical assistance on a wide variety of topics, including those associated with the 20 indicators in the State Performance Plan (SPP). In addition, IDEA Part B discretionary grants are distributed for statewide systems change initiatives to ensure the greatest impact on the maximum number of children with disabilities in Wisconsin. The department is committed to maintaining statewide grants that are central to themes in IDEA and support the SPP indicators. These initiatives provide valuable information to LEAs, parents, and students with disabilities. The Focused Review of Improvement Indicators (FRII) modules are also available to any district that would like to conduct a voluntary self-assessment of the improvement indicators.

Please see the individual indicator pages below for related training and technical assistance.

Indicator #1
Graduation Rates
Indicator #2
Drop-Out Rates
Indicator #3
Indicator #4
Indicator #5
Educational Placements
Ages 6-21
Indicator #6
Educational Placements
Ages 3-5
Indicator #7
Preschool Outcomes
Indicator #8
Parent Involvement
Indicator #9
Identification in Special Education
Indicator #10
Identification in Specific Disability Categories
Indicator #11
Timely Evaluation
Indicator #12
Preschool Transition,
Part C to Part B
Indicator #13
Transition Goals,
Age 16+
Indicator #14
Post School Outcomes
Indicator #15
Resolution Sessions
Indicator #16
Indicator #17
State Systemic Improvement Plan


Statewide Initiatives: IDEA Part B Discretionary Grants


Voluntary Self-Assessments:

Other Training Resources:

  • Calendar, 2011-12: Webinar Training Series and Technical Assistance Resources
    This calendar provides a listing of webinar and technical assistance resources available during Fiscal Year 2011-12 to assist local educational agencies (LEAs) with planning. It is organized by the time period when it is recommended LEAs initially access these resources and includes direct links to the resources and associated deadlines. This calendar is not comprehensive; it does not cover all DPI data collection requirements and due dates. It covers such topics as: Special Education Indicators, Fiscal, Data and Programmatic Topics; School Financial Services Data Reporting; ESEA Titles I, II and III; ISES Data Reporting; 1202 Staff Report; Highly Qualified Teachers, Teacher Education Professional Development and Licensing; Child Nutrition; and Financial Audit. For general information about this calendar, please contact Claudia Kessel, Special Education Team at (608) 267-2349. Please contact the appropriate DPI Team for specific information about a given topic.
  • Special Education Mediasite Trainings
  • Describing Special education, related services, supplementary aids and services, and program modifications and supports in the Program Summary section of a student’s IEP: Recorded Webinar - PowerPoint Presentation
  • Creating Agreement
  • Wisconsin Personnel Development System
  • Autism Training

Other Technical Assistance Resources:

For questions about this information, contact the Special Education Team, (608) 266-1781.