Procurement, Equipment Disposal and Contracts - Federal Funds

Procurement is the complete process of obtaining goods and services, including preparing and processing a requisition, receiving goods or services, and payment. The procurement process includes any kind of purchase and entails using purchase orders and contracts. A good procurement system ensures that goods or services are obtained through a process that maximizes the value of the funds.

Recipients of federal funds, such as funds received under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), must ensure that their procurement process complies with specific minimum thresholds outlined in the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR).

The technical assistance available on this page should be used by recipients of IDEA sub-grants awarded by DPI (both entitlement and discretionary funds), including school districts, Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs), independent (2r) charter schools, and institutions of higher education (IHEs).

Procurement Technical Assistance: Guidance when using IDEA funds

Procurement Technical Assistance Guide - This pdf is the complete guide. For specific sections, please click on the links below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Procurement Standards
  3. Competition
  4. Methods of Procurement
  5. Contract Cost and Price
  6. Equipment
  7. Procurement Review
  8. Contract Provisions
  9. Bonding Requirements
  10. Small and Minority Firms, Women's Businesses and Labor Surplus Area Firms
  11. Faith-Based Organizations
  12. Common Procurement Weaknesses
  13. Final Checklist

Glossary of Terms

Procurement Quick Tips

Disposal of Equipment

The Special Education Vehicle Disposal document outlines the steps for selling a vehicle that had been purchased with federal IDEA funds. The document provides the LEA options for handling the revenue from the sale.

Contracting with Federal Funds

Outline of Provisions for IDEA-funded Contracts -

LEAs may purchase services with IDEA funds, including administration of IDEA grants, through written contracts valid under state law. This document lists provisions to include in such contracts, as applicable, including provisions required by federal regulations governing procurement practices.

Third Party Grant Administration (TPGA)

Outline of Provisions for Third Party Grant Administration Relationships -

While LEAs may not subgrant all or a portion of their IDEA allocations, LEAs may purchase services with IDEA funds, including administration of grants, through valid written contracts. CESAs are authorized under state law to enter into contracts with school districts and other agencies and organizations that provide services to pupils. [§116.032( 1), Wis. Stats.].

This guide outlines the requirements that must be met when contracting with a third party, such as CESA, to administer the flow-through or preschool entitlement grants. The information in this guide is only applicable through the 2011-12 fiscal year.

This document was updated in August 2012 to reflect the FY 2013 change in IDEA budget and claims process for LEAs participating in a third party grant administration agreement.

Of particular importance is the financial coding requirements, beginning on page 5.