Focused Review of Improvement Indicators (FRII)

Technical Assistance
Cyclical Monitoring

The FRII process provides the necessary structure and resources for LEAs to conduct in-depth data review that leads to a comprehensive plan to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. The FRII process is a proactive part of the Special Education Integrated Monitoring System (see image left navigation bar).

The department has launched a one-year pilot of the FRII process. This pilot process will take place in two phases. Phase 1 consists of a structured data review to analyze student data, as well as reviewing district policies and procedures. Phase 2 will allow the LEA to develop an improvement plan based on potential root cause from observed student data.

Several LEAs volunteered to participate in the FRII pilot. Through the FRII pilot process, the department will be able to gain quality feedback on how the process works for LEAs as a standalone. In addition, LEAs will be able to independently review student data and make effective decisions in improving outcomes for students with disabilities.