Sample Special Education Forms History of Revisions

  • July 2015: New Form ER-2D, Documentation for Intellectual Disability (ID) - Reevaluation
  • March 2014: IEP Model Forms I-7 Update
    • IEP teams are responsible for deciding whether students with disabilities will participate in general education assessments with or without testing accommodations, or in the alternate assessment with or without accommodations.  DPI model forms may be used to document these decisions. Forms in the assessment suite are to be completed based on which assessments the student will take during the implementation of the IEP.  The forms are named, “I-7-[assessment].”  For example, the form that IEP teams will use related to the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) is I-7-SBA and contains language specific to SBA assessment policies.
  • September 2013: Revised I-4, Replaced ER-2 with ER-2A, ER-2B, and ER-2C.
  • September 2011: Eligibility Checklists for Specific Learning Disabilities updated to reflect new state eligibility criteria.
  • December 2010: Form IE-1, Updated to reflect changes in SLD Evaluation requirements
  • July 2010: Form EE-1, Environment Code Categories for Ages 3-5 Changed
  • May 2010: Form M-5, Revised to include "attendant care services" as a covered service under the Medicaid school-based services benefit
  • April 2009: New Form I-7-B, Guidelines for Oral Test Administration to Students with Visual Impairments on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE) or the Wisconsin Alternate Assessment for Students with Disabilities (WAA-SwD)
  • Beginning December 31, 2008, a parent of a child with a disability may revoke consent for the provision of special education and related services. The revocation of consent must be in writing. Upon receipt of the written revocation, the school district must promptly provide prior written notice in accordance with § 300.503 a reasonable time before stopping special education and related services.
    The department has developed two model forms to assist districts in implementing this change in special education law. Form P-5 may be used to document written revocation of consent. Note, however, parents may use other ways of providing written revocation, and this form is not required. P-6 is a form districts may use to provide the required prior written notice. The department has also revised the Model Procedural Safeguards Notice and form P-1 (Determination and Notice of Placement: Consent for Initial Placement).
  • October 2006: Summary of Changes to Selected Sample Forms
  • July 2006: Summary of Changes to Sample Forms, based on the 2004 reauthorization of IDEA

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