IDEA Complaint Decision 01-012

This is to respond to several recent allegations filed by XXXXX against the district consolidated into one IDEA complaint #01-012. Each allegation involved an IEP team meeting in which the LEA representative was not knowledgeable about and/or was not authorized to commit district resources to meet the needs of the child with a disability. Upon review and evaluation, we have determined that the facts and circumstances of these allegations are the same as those we have already identified as an area of systemic noncompliance in onsite monitoring activities in the district.

The district has begun corrective action to address this area of noncompliance and will be submitting verification of those actions to the department on April 15, 2001. The department plans to further review this issue during its onsite monitoring visit in May 2001. Following that review, the department will continue to work cooperatively with the district to ensure that corrective measures effectively address this area of noncompliance.

With regard to the children named in this complaint, the district will promptly schedule another IEP team meeting upon request to ensure that the individual needs of each child have been appropriately addressed. This concludes the departments review of this complaint.

//signed MJT/PTH 3/27/01
Mike J. Thompson, Assistant Superintendent
Division for Learning Support: Equity and Advocacy


For questions about this information, contact Patricia Williams (608) 267-3720